Top 5 Creative Gifts for Indoor Gardeners

It is not easy to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. With a large number of choices out there, looking for something that will be useful as well as personal can often become difficult. The best way to tackle this dilemma is by bringing out your creative side and making something on your own because there is nothing better than a loving, handmade gift.
DIYs have become a trend and have already made our work easier. Look at these 5 easy-to-make gifts that are useful as well as beautiful: 

1) Make-it-yourself Terrarium Kits: 

Aesthetically pleasing, these beautiful terrarium assortments are the ultimate presents. The best thing about these is how easily they can be made. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to build something which resonates with your friend’s personality. Recognise the artist in you and buy the glass based pots you want as a base. Decorate the pot with the prettiest pebbles and quality soil or potting medium and maybe add some of those succulent plants your gardener friend likes. A few animal miniatures complete the ecosystem. Voila! You have created your mini ecosystem ready to give out as the perfect giveaway. So, go ahead, find the perfect terrarium set for your gardener friend and see their face light up.

You can browse through a range of designs & buy terrarium kits online here.

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2) The Miniature Fountain:

What can be more relaxing than to come home to the sound of trickling water on your balcony? Creating a fountain is quit easy- the three important things you need are 3 different sized pots (choose your favorite material), water (lots of it) and a small sized motor. Build a wooden panel with three different levels and put the smallest pot at the top and the largest at the bottom. Allow the water to flow through the pipe and your very own fountain will be ready, as good as new.
Need more help? Visit this youtube video and clear all your doubts. For those preferring a water tray at the entrance, check out these gorgeous urulis/water-trays which can be showered with rose petals.


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3)  Recognising the Best from the Waste- Innovative Bottle Planters:

With a variety of colors, materials, shapes, and types to choose from, pot and planters have become a unique and exciting choice for a gift. But why buy if you can create something on your own and make it more innovative. Soda bottles have become so common for us that we don’t think twice before throwing them away. But have you ever considered using the used bottles? One of the best make-it-yourself gifts is the bottle planters. Just pick up some used bottles, cut them from the lateral surface, fill up some potting soil and paint it with your favorite colors. Sounds easy? Well, it is. Whether these are hung from the railing or from the corner window, these innovative planters are sure something your loved ones will appreciate.

Hand Painted Creative Plastic Pot


4) Indoor Gardening Tool Set:

Making Gardening tools on your own might not be possible but a customized collector tool set is equally good. Ranging from gardening forks, trowels, rakes, hedge shears and bonsai tools, make your own collection set to meet your friend’s gardening obsession. Additionally, these tools can be customized with the owner’s initials to provide a personal touch. A simple, yet useful giveaway, this tool set can make any gardener happy.


Garden Tools


5)  Gardening Guide:

Does your friend not have a green thumb, or looking for some basic information to get started? An informative guide for gardening is the perfect gift in that case. The topics can range from setting up a kitchen garden or plant care while you are away. But if you are a gardening expert yourself, then look nowhere else. Create your own version of grandma’s cookbook by putting in your secret garden hacks. Grab a scrapbook, take a few polaroid shots of your own indoor garden and write down the hacks that keep your plants healthy. What could be better than gifting your very own secret guide?

In today’s busy world where life has become a blur, giving a thoughtful gift can make your loved one’s day. Gardening is a hobby which gives a lot of people immense pleasure and hence choosing the perfect giveaway is the best way to express your love. So, go ahead, start your hunt and let your creativity go wild.

If you have some DIY Ideas of your own feel free to share them in the comments below.

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