Decor with Pebbles : A Guide

July 27, 2016

Decor with Pebbles : A Guide

Gardens are the most rejuvenating and relaxing space in our homes. Hence, we put in extra efforts in decorating this relaxing outdoor space with whatever decorative materials we have at our disposal. In our urban lives, gardens are the closest we reach to mother nature. Thus understandably, every gardner wishes to make his garden that much more beautiful. In this blog we list out ideas of beautifying your garden & indoor space with the use of Pebbles & Stones. They are by themselves sparkling and have in them the energy to bring life to any space, be it indoor or outdoor.

Here we bring to you a detailed description on how to layout pebbles in your garden and also some beautiful examples of how to use pebbles in a innovative way!

1) Measure the amount of space dedicated for pebbles.
Carefully plan out your pebbled space. This area should be blocked off from the rest of the garden to heighten the effect of the pebbles

2) Prepare the space in the garden for the introduction of pebbles
Clear out any brush or weeds in areas where pebbles will be used. Wear gloves and protective gear so you don't cut your hands or injure your eyes.

Find a lot of tools for your garden on :

3) Put down a weed mat. (Optional)
This should be placed over the dirt or other base material that will be covered with pebbles. The weed mat covers the cleared area for the pebble garden and makes sure little will grow underneath the weed mat.

4) Choose your Pebbles!

Choose from an extensive range of pebbles available . They have become increasingly accessible for the common folks such as us! Different variety of pebbles will give a different outlook to your space. Learn about the varieties such as Onyx Pebbles, River Pebbles, Natural Pebbles, Chip Pebbles and many more. Each one has a different texture which you should be aware about!

You can find a lot of options on :

5) Pebbling your garden.

You should transport your bags of pebbles to the garden spot first, so you know how many bags you will need for the task. After they are spilled out into the space, carefully move to cover the space. You should not be able to see the weed mat underneath, so layer the pebbles if necessary. Use a rake or similar garden tool to spread the pebbles. Try not to damage the pebbles when spreading them. Your pebbles should totally cover the area. It's better to have too many pebbles than too little, since that will make your pebble garden look untidy.

6) Arrange them by hand around the plants and flowers.

Spread them evenly around larger areas. Try to balance out the level of the pebble garden as much as possible. You can probably eyeball the level, but try to get down to the ground level to check it out. Don't be wary of getting your hands dirty! 

Here are some examples of where you can use pebbles to make your space beautiful :

Build Mosaics on walkways!

Pebbles near and inside Walkways!

Create Stepping Stones with River Pebbles!

Chip Pebbles to fuse with your garden!

Pebbles to fill in cemented spaces!

Pebbles for your Table Decor!

Pebbles to create Terrarium :

Listing below links to find pebbles, succulents & terrarium containers to create your own beautiful pebble decor. 

You can buy pebbles on :

Glass Pots available on :

Get succulents on :

Send us pictures of your pebble decor & we will feature it! Mail us on for any queries or concerns you have about using pebbles!


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