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There aren’t a lot of arguments against keeping succulents. These are the kind of plants which are perfect for small places and indoor decorating, as they don’t grow much, which means they can easily sit on a desk or window sill, as they won’t take up much space. 

Succulent plants grow anywhere. They thrive with minimum fuss, flourish with little care and grow in small amounts of soil and the maximum amount of sunshine. Better still, they require very little moisture. The best part is very few pests and diseases bother succulents.

Choosing the right succulent and the right pot can pretty up a balcony, deck, porch, pool area, terrace or even a windowsill. Concentrate on the smooth-leafed succulents for your garden such as Echeveria, Aeonium, Crassula, Sempervivum, Sedum, Agave and Cotyledons. Arrange them into artistic designs — planting many of the same variety will create a sweep of colour like a painting and will be more visually effective. Focus on harmonising colours, not clashing ones, and you will create a tranquil collection pleasing to the eye.

Growing succulents is very easy! Here are some tips for maintaining them :
  • Give succulents as much sun as possible. Succulents are desert plants. They thrive in hot places with plenty of sunshine.
  • They'll need a shallow dish with a bit of dirt to sprout in. Once they're big enough you can transplant them into a pot as a house plant or straight outdoors if your climate permits.
  • Persistently wet soil will quickly spell death for succulents, as their stems will rot away at the base. Avoid this by planting in well-drained soils, crevices, pots, and mounded garden beds.
  • Give succulents room to breathe indoors. In outdoor settings, succulents can do well in crowded compositions, but if you’re hoping for succulents to survive in lower indoor light, it’s best to space them apart so that a maximum amount of sunlight can reach them

Decor ideas with Succulents : 

1) Succulent Wine Bottle Plantation :

Use finely cut and polished wine/decorative glass bottles to create some beautiful succulent plantations. They will be sparkingly beautiful and will make your decor stand out.

bottle plant

bottle plant inside

You can find beautifully handcrafted bottles for this here -

2) Hanging Succulents in Pots :

Use succulents that flow down and put them in hanging baskets. They make for the most beautiful balcony decorations. Example of hanging succulents is String of Pearls.

Hanging plant


You can find hanging baskets here :

3) Succulents inside glass terrariums :

The most commonly decor method for Succulents are terrariums. But each terrarium is unique and you can let your imagination run wild with these. Use pebbles, gravel & miniature showpieces to make these look beautiful.

Succulents inside glass terrariums

You can find a variety of options for glass planters here :

4) Pots with Pebbles & Succulents :

Succulents thrive when mixed with pebbles and stones. Make use of the great variety of pebbles available to mix and match with your succulents.

 Pots with Pebbles & Succulents

You can find numerous pebbles options here -

5) Bird Cage Terrarium Planter :

Use a shallow planter inside the bird cage and plant your succulents and let them flow as they like. They will find their way out!

Bird Cage Terrarium Planter

If you don't have an old birdcage lying around, you can get one here -

6) Egg Shells with Succulents :

Use empty egg shells and with delicate hands, put some growing medium and succulents in them. Don't they look gorgeous?

Egg Shells with Succulents

If you feel innovative & motivated to grow some succulents, you can find a wide range here -


Sonal srivastva

Sonal srivastva

The first lot of succulents that I ordered were not so good , maybe they were not handled well during transportation.Most of them withered away.

But the second lot simply made my day.They are the healthiest succulents that I have come across, very well packed and timely delivered.


I want to buy plants but not able to understand your process



All succulents you sent me are growing well and grow kit seems ,it needs little more time. Thanks for prompt delivery and healthy plants

Anju Sahay

Anju Sahay

Excellent plans. Beautifully decorated






I want kassula plant



I want kassula plant



I want to buy these succulent plants.I’m trying to order online but failed, so please guess ways to do so

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