How to Attract Birds & Butterflies to your Garden

June 09, 2018

How to Attract Birds & Butterflies to your Garden

Add a little magic to your surroundings by opening up your garden to birds and butterflies. They are not only graceful to look at but they also play a major role in the environment by pollinating flowers and help to scatter seeds around for the growth of new life forms.

Some ways to bring them to your own garden are :

1) Go Green :

You might want to start by adding more plants to your surroundings. Adding bright flowers that provide nectar, as well as herbs such as thyme and mint, are a great attractor for both birds and butterflies. Lavenders are like magnets for butterflies with their attractive purple colour and lovely smell. Other plants which attract birds and butterflies are Marigold, Zinnia, Lily, Hibiscus, & Hydrangea to name a few. You can get plants here.

2) Provide Shelter :

Also, protect these delicate organisms from predators as well as jarring weather by providing them with shelter. Simple birdhouses can be easily made by anybody and are also readily available. This ensures that birds feel safe and rested and might make frequent visit to your gardens. You can find some beautiful birdhouses here.

3) Sun :

You might have noticed that butterflies are only seen on sunny day, this is because they feed when sunlight is present. So make sure to keep your garden nice and sunny and not to add too much of shade.

4) Food :

Birds are often in search of food and you can attract them by providing them seeds to eat. Sunflower seeds, cracked corn, millet or even crushed peanuts make great bird food. You can also install a bird feeder according to your convenience. Bird feeders are also available online here. As for butterflies, they mainly feed on the nectar from flowers as well as sap provided from trees. You can cut open pieces of fruits and leave them outside for these winged creatures to come. 

5) Bird Bath :

Bird baths are a way for birds to drink water as well as get refreshed. Even a small fountain makes for a great bird bath. Just make sure that the water is easily reachable to the bird and is shallow. A small slightly flat vessel filled with room temperature water should be just the thing to attract these beautiful winged creatures. By adding a floating platform such as a wood piece you can make a resting place for the butterflies too.

6) Go Organic :

Make sure to use organic pesticides. Other pesticides can be harmful to the butterflies and birds.

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