What are Moss Frames/Walls?

August 06, 2018 2 Comments

What are Moss Frames/Walls?

Moss frames is a line of gorgeous green decor introduced for the very first time in India by myBageecha! Moss frames are the perfect alternative when a traditional green living wall is not feasible. The frames are ideal for indoor spaces without sunlight. These come in a beautiful array of designs which can be customised as per your need! 

Since our moss frames are an absolutely new concept, we decided to answer all the questions you might have before getting your own.

What is Preserved Moss? 
Moss that has been treated with some chemicals in order to increase its longevity and to maintain its existing form is known as preserved moss. 
The moss is usually preserved with glycerine.  The moss is then washed through using food grade type colourants, so not to be harmful in nevertheless, and to ensure the colour stays vibrant.
The special preservation process is based on water, food colouring and glycerin and is therefore completely harmless regarding health. 

Why is preserved moss required for moss frames?
Interior decoration with live plants and flowers is not always possible due to the need for special conditions, for example, adequate space, sunlight and watering. This problem is solved by substituting fresh plants and flowers for preserved vegetation on a base of leaves and foliage of distinct varieties. This variant of fresh moss is perfect for interior decoration. Its feel and external appearance are identical to fresh moss even though, as it is preserved, it doesn’t need watering or sunlight.

Does the Moss Grow?
No, as all the moss and plants used are preserved, they are not alive and hence will not grow.

Do moss frames really not require any care?
Yes, no care is needed to look after these moss frames except for keeping them out of direct sunlight as that can fade away the colour of the moss. No watering or fertilisation is required. Think of it as any other decorative piece in your house. Also, these preserved moss frames will not die and will last for years. You can add lights on top of the frame for emphasis.

Is there any artificial substance used in the moss frames?
Our moss frames are 100% natural products with no artificial plants used in our decor. Be rest assured every plant used is a preserved natural plant.

Do Moss Frames attract bugs and insects?
Not at all! Since there is no soil and water involved in our moss frames, the  moss frames attract no mosquitoes or bugs.

What is the look of these moss frames?
These moss frames give the exact fresh look as living mosses do. You can hang them on your walls or place it on a table for an added touch of greenery. Our moss frames have unique designs and will add a refreshing splash of colour to your walls. They will provide another dimension and is guaranteed to leave people in awe. 

Can the Moss Frames be customised as per our need?
The potential for design is limited only by the creativity of the people involved. We can create moss frames in any shape & size you require with several plant options to go with it to create a unique art piece.

Get your very own moss frame here.

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September 08, 2018

I am looking for size like 58" w X 9" h of Moss grame

Please let me know the price


Amit Agarwal
Amit Agarwal

September 02, 2018

Hi, Can you please suggest customised frames along with pricing for a 100sft wall space for a commercial space.

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